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  1. 04 Dec, 2018

    Future Ethics

    I can’t recommend Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowels highly enough. I strongly encourage any person working on digital things to read this book. But I especially want a few million copies of this book to be crop-dusted over Silicon Valley. […]

  2. 25 Aug, 2017

    History of Music Books

    I just finished a few incredible books that cover the history of music from a few different perspectives. Theft: A History of Music The first is Theft: A History of Music (Amazon link) by Jennifer Jenkins and James Boyle, which covers 2000 […]

  3. 06 Apr, 2017

    The Book Report: Atomic Design

    Here’s a very kind book review of Atomic Design from Josh Tuck. I remember talking to him about Bob’s Burgers, so I’m glad that made it into the review 🙂