The folks over at RescueTime interviewed me about my decision to schedule every minute of my day. I’ve really benefitted from establishing some rigor to my schedule. Here’s what I have to say a few months in:

“After playing it out for several months, I’m really happy with where I seem to have landed. I definitely don’t follow the schedule I’ve outlined to a T, but the broad stokes are certainly there.

“For instance, I’ll often skip a shallow work session (typically answering emails) if I’m cranking on a project. But I certainly don’t sweat that. So long as I start my workday with some substantive work and wrap up between 5:30 or 6 I feel pretty good about the in-between stuff being a bit fuzzier.

“No doubt if I was following the process religiously I might feel constricted, but because I’m not being too strict with it I feel like it’s working for me just fine.”

I’m overdue for another update, but I’m still finding it really valuable to schedule my time in this way: