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  1. 22 Oct, 2017

    About Face: How Changed its Design Process and became Dotdash

    Adam McClean and Dan Mall had a fantastic chat with Jared Spool about the work we did to help transform into the new Dotdash. We took their monolithic brand and exploded it into a suite of topic-specific brands, with […]

  2. 06 Jun, 2017

    In the future, design principles won’t be about design

    There’s a tinge of clickbait-slash-unnecessary controversy in this post, but it’s a great analysis of design principles nonetheless. The gist is that design principles should go beyond basic good design practices (“Make it clean and simple!”) and help differentiate organizations and clearly steer them in […]

  3. 12 Dec, 2014

    Building Design Systems from Atomic Elements

    The folks at UIE have shared a video of my talk on atomic design at UXIM 2014 in Denver. I’ll be speaking and giving a full-day responsive design workshop at UX Mobile Immersion 2015 in Salt Lake City in 2015. […]

  4. 22 Jan, 2014

    Creating Responsive Interfaces

    I had a blast talking to Jared Spool about This Is Responsive, atomic design, and Pattern Lab on the UIE podcast. I’m going to be doing a full-day workshop about responsive design, atomic design, and more at the UX Immersion […]