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  1. 07 Jun, 2018

    How To Ask For Advice Over Email

    Holy shit I think I need to add this to my contact page. When I redesigned my site, I redesigned the contact page to make the user do a bit of work to get my contact info. It sounds counter-intuitive, […]

  2. 27 Feb, 2017

    The Breakout Email Management System

    Wes Bos wrote a great post about how he deals with email. I especially I love his advice about getting to the source of why you’re getting so many emails. If you get the same email more than three times, […]

  3. 16 Nov, 2014

    Email Workflow

    Earlier this year Matt Griffin wrote a great piece on how he deals with email, and he explains how he sets up rules for himself to make email a little more bearable. I like Matt’s approach, and of course everyone’s […]