The Case Against IE6

Recently a few people have pointed out the fact that my blog looks awful in IE6. So naturally I immediately freaked out, dropped what I was doing, and worked around the clock to fix every quirk IE6.

No, no I didn’t. Not at all. I have been fully aware of the atrocious display of the blog in IE6 since I designed it and I’ve chosen to do absolutely nothing about it. I can hear it already: “You’re a shoddy web designer! Cross compatibility is an essential principle of web design! 30% of Internet users still use IE6, you can’t alienate them!” Yes, I can.

Let me clarify, however: I NEVER apply this same principle to client work. Cross compatibility IS extremely important to me and I spend a great amount of time debugging sites for IE6 using as few IE hacks as humanly possible. PNG hacks, box models, float issues, you name it, I’ll get that oh-so-wonderful standards-complient square peg into that IE round hole.

But regarding my personal site, frankly I’m just too busy to deal with IE6 and the headaches it incurs. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to fixing things in IE6, but with a move to NYC, job searching in NYC, a wedding to plan, freelance work, touring, and my real job (not to mention the fact that IE8 is being beta tested), I probably won’t get around to it anytime soon.

I know, excuses are like wooden figurine sets depicting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, everyone’s got one.