Sean Eisele’s Surrogate Trailer

Surrogate Movie Still

My good friend Sean Eisele has recently written and directed a short film entitled Surrogate. Sean has broken convention from typical western gender stereotypes by focusing on a strong female lead character. I recently worked with Sean on Gospel of Wonderland, where I wrote score music featured in the film.   Here’s what Sean says about his new film:

Surrogate is a script that my father and I developed that we are now expanding into a feature length script. Having been raised on Westerns, it came to our attention that in such a male dominated genre, female characters are often marginalized as flat, secondary characters. They are either damsels in distress or threats to the Cowboy lifestyle. Therefore, we set out to give life to a full blooded female character with this film, one that is integrated into the West rather than disconnected from it. Under the guidance of producers Mark Myers and Erin Hudson of Citizen Skull Productions, the project has taken flight.

The film also stars good friend and Sean’s long time collaborator Max Rappaport.  That’s the extent of my knowledge about the film so far, but based on the quality of the trailer and Sean’s previous work, I know it will be absolutely amazing.

View Surrogate trailer