New Years Resolutions

  • I’m not going to buy any stuff for myself. – This sounds extreme, but I’m very much excited for this resolution. I have plenty of stuff in my life. I wouldn’t call myself a rabid consumerist, but I feel that I’ve fallen into the trap of ordering things because it’s become so damn easy to do. The lack of friction involved in buying something (think of something, search for it, Amazon Prime it, wait for it to arrive on my doorstep) has caused me to feel a bit reckless with how I spend money.  I very much want to take a step back and regain a perspective on what material things are in my life and which things are actually necessary. I’d like to direct that money that I would be spending on myself to more fruitful endeavors. Of course I’ll have exceptions for this resolution, including: food (obviously), home improvements and renovations (we’re in the middle of them!), things to help me raise our child when she comes, and experiences (I’d still like to go to concerts and movies and the like). Again, I’m excited about this adventure
  • Blog more – and get comfortable sharing shorter posts. Not everything has to be a gigantic post. Not everything has to deal with web design.
  • Read more – Last year I read a lot more books than usual, and I’m really pleased with that. I’d like to continue the trend. I mostly only read non-fiction, and while I have a giant list of books I’d like to read, I’m always open to suggestions.
  • Focus – I have a really hard time focusing on any one thing for an extended period of time. A lot of this is due to the nature of my work since I bounce around different clients and projects all the time. I really want to get a lot better at being more deliberate and focused with my time.
  • Physical fitness – I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last few months, and while there have been a few false starts, I’m feeling a bit more put together. That and the fact that I’m currently not constantly on airplanes makes me hopeful that my body won’t be in constant pain. That’s really the goal here. If I lose weight, build muscle, and become more flexible, great I suppose, but the main goal is to not be in pain.