For a Future-Friendly Web on A List Apart

For a Future-Friendly Web on A List Apart

I had the extreme privilege of writing an article for A List Apart, an invaluable resource I’ve been learning from since day one of my career. Now it’s one thing to get a chance to contribute to something that’s given me so much, but it’s something else entirely to be featured next to the great Stephanie Rieger. I’ve been heavily influenced by Yiibu‘s work and I’ve learned so much from her and Bryan, so it’s an absolute honor. Her piece is called The Best Browser is the One You Have with You and is an absolute must-read.


There’s a lot of resources in my article, so I’ve gathered them all here in one place:

  1. Future Friendly
  2. The American Diet: 34 Gigabytes a Day
  3. Cell phones and American adults (PDF)
  4. Laser Focus on the Future Friendly site
  5. Hoarding on Wikipedia
  6. The Discipline of Content Strategy
  7. Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacoca
  8. Responsive Design Essentials: Look Great on any Device
  9. Content like water: design flexible content to flow anywhere. from @globalmoxie
  10. Lucy and Ethel struggling to keep up on the candy assembly line
  11. Future Ready Content
  12. Daniel Jacobson on Twitter
  13. COPE: Create Once Publish Everywhere
  14. Moore’s Law
  15. The Coming Zombie Apocalypse
  16. Scott Jenson on Twitter
  17. In-Stat: 339 million low-cost Android smartphones to ship worldwide in 2015
  18. It’s about people, not devices
  19. Understanding Progressive Enhancement
  20. Mobile First
  21. Support Vs. Optimization
  22. Angry Birds For Blackberry
  23. A Form of Madness
  24. Structured Content First
  25. Responsive Web Design
  26. Responsive Images: How They Almost Worked and What We Need
  27. Not a Mobile Web, Merely a 320px Wide One
  28. On Mobile Context
  29. When People Use Different Devices
  30. Device APIs Working Group
  31. Modernizr
  32. A Tel Tale Sign
  33. How to Send a Text Message from Your Mobile Website
  34. MIT Media Lab Hacks the Kinect for Browser Navigation With Gestures
  35. Google bringing HTML5 speech input support to Chrome
  36. Command Your Fleet on the Future Friendly website
  37. WebSocket Racer Demo with iPhone Remote
  38. Using Node.js and your phone to control a Browser game
  39. The Web Is Dead
  40. Web Technologies Need an Owner
  41. Future Friendly

Over 40 links? Damn.

Thank you thank you thank you

I know this is just an article, but—shit man—I spent a lot of time on it. Because of that I want to thank some people that really helped me out.

  • All of the Future Friendly collaborators for crafting these thoughts—Jason Grigsby, Lyza Danger Gardner, Luke Wroblewski, Josh Clark, Scott Jehl, Jeremy Keith, Scott Jenson, Bryan Rieger, Stephanie Rieger.
  • The wonderful ALA people, especially Krista Stevens who very nicely pushed me to stop sucking at writing, and Jeffery Zeldman who gave me the opportunity to write for ALA.
  • Awesome people—Jack Bishop, Dave Olsen, Aaron Gustafson, Mike Gallay, Ethan Marcotte, James Pearce, Brian Fling, Matt Marquis, Tim Kadlec, Jason Head, Val Head, Paul Irish and plenty more
  • Twitter – Everyone who I go back and forth with on a regular basis. People who share links, call bullshit and enjoy the ongoing conversation as much as I do.
  • My wife, who puts up with all this crazy shit. I love her to death.

This was a big challenge for me and I’m happy I saw it through. Now on to the next challenges!


  1. I’ve Instapapered both your article and Stephanie’s for this evening, so I can speak to the qualities of them yet, although I imagine they’re both well-research and well-argumented, and generally just awesome.

    But I can definitely see where you’re coming from in terms of the honor of writing for ALA. That’s what everyone in our industry dreams of, isn’t it? Well played.

  2. G’day Brad, once again mate an awesome article. Your stocks keep rising ! You are “Laser Focused”

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