Cake and Brazilian Girls (with Tuba??) – Sewell, New Jersey

Well, I still haven’t decided what I’m going to use this blog for yet, so I’ll throw this question out there just to see if anyone knows the answer. Where was Brazilian Girls bass player on Sat, Dec 8 at Cake’s Unlimited Sunshine Festival at the Commerce Bank Arts Center in Sewell, NJ? Why was he replaced with a tuba player instead?

I ask this because Brazilian Girls’ bass player, Jesse Murphy, is the strongest asset to the Brazilian Girls. He is extremely talented, and while the tuba was interesting, it wasn’t as punchy as an electric bass, and also was distracting from the rest of the show. Certain songs, such as “Corner Store,” lent themselves nicely to the tuba, but other songs have awesome bass runs on the studio disks that I would have loved to hear in person.

Write a comment if you know what the deal is with Brazilian Girls’ bass player issue.


  1. victoria

    well…..could he have just been not feeling well? just a guess considering that in the nyc show we had both the bass player and the tuba man. soooo, i think you are thinking about this way too much. just thought id throw that out there

  2. Aaron

    he was eating a St. Alphonso’s pancake breakfast

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